Zhengzhou, China

August 26-27, 2022

About WRESD2022

3rd International Conference on Water Resource, Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development (WRESD2022), organized by International Association of Applied Science and Technology and will be held in Zhengzhou, China during August 26-27, 2022.

As an academic conference, WRESD2022 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from water resource, water environment and sustainable development, researchers from various application areas to discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

The conference welcomes author submission of original and significant contributions. Each submission is anonymously reviewed by an average of two independent reviewers, to ensure the final high standard and quality of submitted papers. READ MORE >>

Keynote Speakers
  • Shahid Hussain

    Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu University, China.

    Research field:Environmental science and technology, Energy and water resources, MOS-MOF-MXene Nanomaterials, Gas-Sensors, Electrochemical supercapacitors, Li-S batteries.

  • Carla Patrícia Silva

    Assistant Researcher, Chemistry Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

    Research field:Development of analytical techniques, as ELISA and HPLC, for the quantification/evaluation of the occurrence of emerging contaminants (hormones, pharmaceuticals) in the aquatic environment (waste, surface (fresh and estuarine) and ground waters); Application of adsorptive processes for water remediation; electrochemical techniques.

  • Hongwei Wu

    Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

    Research field:Environmental science, Energy system and renewable energy, Two phase and multiphase flow, Thermodynamic analysis, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer, Advanced cooling technology.

  • Jiang Bian

    Associate professor (China University of Petroleum, East China).

    Research field:Natural gas processing, Energy conversion and utilization, Carbon capture and storage (CCS).

  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi

    Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, UPES Dehradun, India.

    Research field:SAR applications for oceans; Target detection; Tsunami modelling.

Submission Instructions

WRESD2022 follows the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible procedures against any publication misconduct. This Conference does not accept any type of plagiarism, which means that any author replicating a significant part of another's work without acknowledging him/her or passing another's work off as his/her own are not tolerated and not published.

All authors submitting their works to the WRESD2022 for publication as original works confirm that the submitted papers are their own contributions and have not been copied in whole or in part from other works.

Each submission is anonymously reviewed by an average of three independent reviewers, to ensure the final high standard and quality of each accepted submission. The WRESD2022 guarantees that the entire peer review and publication process is meticulous and objective. Furthermore, all works not in accordance with these standards will be removed from the publication if malpractice is revealed at any time even after the publication. Every case of suspected plagiarism or duplicate publishing will be reported.

Important Dates

  • Last date for full paper submission:

    July 15, 2022

  • Last date for paper acceptance:

    July 31, 2022

  • Last date for registration:
    August 15, 2022

  • Conference date:
    August 26-27, 2022

Contact Us

  • Conference Secretary: Ms. Fu

  • wresd@iaast.cn

  • +86-18003862371